Camry Parsons reading to her dog

Monday, students were asked to spend time with their pets. This could be reading to them, exercising with them or just being with them

Students at Arnoldsburg Elementary School took part in a Virtual Spirit Week March 23-27, to enhance their learning and encourage parent engagement. Students were given a task or activity for each day of the week, students and parents participated and took photos of the activity. Many students took part in the activities. Pictures were displayed on AES web page.

Kylee and Addie Caudill making cupcakes

Tuesday, students were asked to use their math, reading and following direction skills to cook something with their family.

Sawyer Hoskins reading his favorite book

Wednesday, students were asked to read and share their favorite book.

Ethan and Elana Harris finding ramps

Thursday, students were asked to go outside and find signs of Spring. Students and parents went on hikes, planted seeds, searched for insects, tadpoles and other animal life.

The Helmick Boys playing cards. Hoyt, Judd and Cyrus

Friday, students were asked to play a game with their family.