MHHS CEO WHITED ISSUES LATEST LOCAL UPDATE - "Unacceptable Time Frames" For Supplies/Equipment

What should have been a unified national response to a pandemic, elected officials in states, counties and cities are saying it has been left up to them to obtain equipment and supplies, competing with each other and sometimes outbidding.

Minnie Hamilton CEO Steve Whited has issued new information regarding COVID-19 virus services:

COVID 19 Testing

Testing supplies are becoming more abundant, but turnaround time are expanding in to unacceptable timeframes. Thursday we were able to begin with another company, with a guaranteed turnaround time of 48 hours, mainly because this company is limiting their test to current customers only.

We continue to try and get the reagents for our internal machines, and are told these supplies will not be available to us until about mid-April. Once we receive, we will have the capacity to perform about 30 tests per day in house.

I think that if we all could get to a point that testing is more available, we could stomp this thing out, but until then, social distancing is the key.

Remind people, your family anyone you see to stay at home and practice social distancing.

Working with GSC to complete alternative sites, and processes to assist with the monitoring of displaced GSC students. We appreciate all efforts and assistance from the college.

Continue public announcements surrounding visitor restrictions, patient flow and access, as well as information about the telehealth services.

Telehealth services are going really well, and we continue to ask all community members to utilize this as a way of practicing social distancing. As always though, if a persons is in immediate need of medical attention they should call/seek immediate medical attention. We are offering telehealth visits to our patients with no out of pocket expense to the patient.

We will waive all copayments and deductibles for all telehealth visits. Ancillary services are not included. This is in effect until further notice.

Direct phone numbers to schedule a tele visit are:

Grantsville office at 304 -354- 9704

Glenville office at 304- 462- 3407

We have received several community donations, prayers, and commitment for services when need arises. We certainly appreciate all well wishes and prayers, as all of us are really focused on our commitment to our community members, family and friends. We are all truly in this together.

Many are making masks.

We continue daily/hourly updates with State and Federal officials. Our team members meet each day at 9am and throughout the day as needed.

We continue employees self-monitoring, temperature logs and report any health issues.

Easy access to information per our website at the following link:

Stimulus packages – we continue to monitor and evaluate the many stimulus packages that have been proposed and or passed. As you can imagine, like everyone, our revenues are in the tank due to the mandated stay at home and social distancing requirements.

The State and Federal government has assured us all that we would be made whole. We have received some Federal HRSA support dollar already.

We continue to find all avenues to secure PPE supplies and equipment. Just ordered two more portable Xray machines this afternoon for delivery on Monday. Ventilators are still hard to come by, we do have ventilators, and other breathing assistance machines.

A lot going on, and a lot of information coming and going. We are trying our best to keep up with everything, and I feel as though our entire team is working tirelessly and will continue these efforts until we prevail.

Send me any questions or concerns: or call 304-354-9244.