Submitted by Mr. Dan Cosgrove
CMHS Social Studies teacher

We miss our students! As part of Middle School's Social Studies engagement activities, students have been asked to put on their "historian hats" and document the events of their lives in a daily journal. How have their lives changed? What added responsibilities do they have? What are their thoughts during this time? What follows is one example of a day in the life of an 8th grade student.

Mia Houchin - Covid-19 Outbreak Journal

I woke up at about 8:45, I started the day just like any other: I brushed my teeth, put on deodorant etc. I then went into the kitchen and got a granola bar to eat for breakfast. I usually go to school, I usually get up much earlier and I also usually get ready a lot differently.

My mother was getting dressed and ready for work as she had to be there at 11:00 a.m., she works at an essential business. Just yesterday our governor announced a lot of businesses would be shut down and issued a stay at home order. My dad has been away at work since Sunday evening as he as well is a very important part of an essential business. As I was just about to start on my school work my sister got a call saying she needed to come into work early as she works at an essential business as well. That meant I had to babysit my sister's 10-month-old baby today.

I then started feeding my sister’s baby breakfast, as she was getting ready for work as well. At this point none of my day was normal so far. Once I finished feeding the baby, I put her in her walker and started on my schoolwork, while she was distracted. I finished most of what I needed for the day and she was sleepy so I laid her down for a nap. While she was napping I took a quick shower.

Once I got out, I watched the news as President Trump and his task force was speaking. I usually do not watch the news at all. I ate some lunch, which I had to cook, which also was not normal. Once I was finished eating lunch, I did some dishes. After that, Governor Jim Justice started speaking so I watched his announcement on the news as well. Once I finished watching him, I left the news on through the rest of the evening.

I made some homemade vegetable soup so it would be ready when my family got home, and I could have a good dinner. After I ate dinner, I FaceTimed some friends since I can't see them. Throughout the evening I saw how many cases there was and just how close they were getting to my home. I am certainly a little concerned for my elderly neighbors, family, friends and myself.

I never thought I would live through a time where you can't find toilet paper anywhere! I think I always knew the world was getting darker and darker and people kept getting more and more disrespectful and less thoughtful of one another each generation, and I truly hope this opens people's eyes! I think people are overreacting just a little, but we definitely need to take precautions.

I really miss my normal day of a life, I didn't actually realize how big of an impact school had on me and just how important it was that I woke up almost every day and went to this place and now that I unexpectedly can't, it not only has me missing it, but opened my eyes to not take anything for granted and anything can happen at any time, as I might not be able to finish my middle school career. As I lay down to go to sleep tonight there has been many thoughts go through my mind.

Teacher's note: Mia is an accomplished writer. We have just been notified that she took 2nd place in the Elk River's Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution's annual essay contest.