NORMANTOWN NEWS - By Lisa Hayes-Minney

My column is late—I've missed a deadline. Very, very rarely has that happened to me. This means readers in Glenville Newspapers will not read this until next week, and online readers like you will get this days after perhaps expecting it.

I write the weekly column on Sunday afternoons, but this past weekend I went to Mother’s in Ohio to run her errands and help her prepare to bug in. (“Social distancing,” they call it, but my prepper tendencies have me refer to it otherwise.) I had slotted out time to write my column, but spent that time drafting a press release for Gilmer Public Library (where I work) noting that we would remain open during the pandemic. I had to rescind that press release 24 hours later when the governor declared a state of emergency for all 55 counties.

I spent yesterday getting things in order to keep the library secure and get our own lives prepared for this home spent spell.

This morning I took a walk to shake off my jitters, allowing Daisy (beagle) and Dandelion (tabby cat) to lead us farther than ever before. Why not? Spring is here and I’ve got nowhere to go. The fields were full of robins and crows, the hillsides taking shades of pink and green. My peonies have sprouted, and I took some time to clear the asparagus bed. No sprouts there yet, but I’m ready.

And finally, three days late, I have sense enough again to sit down and write. I warm myself up by making lists and now Frank has a frightful Honey-Do list for the next few weeks. The list I have made for myself is a doozy as well. I plan to go to bed when the sun sets to read from my stack of to-be-read books, and then rise early to tackle the chore list. I’m just getting my groove back after the long, wet winter. There’s no way I can sit around now.

The true purpose of this column is to tell you what the folks at Normantown Historical Community Center have planned. Well, most of their events are canceled or to be rescheduled. Donkey Ball has been rescheduled for October 17th, 2020. The Spring Vendor Event—is currently limbo, as are many other things.

The Food Pantry is held on the 2nd Friday of each month. They are working on the guidelines for doing the pantry next month, totally different from the normal operation. Keep an eye out for the new guidelines. Last month’s pantry fed 87 families and 217 people included in those families.

Donations to NHCC can be made online at or mailed to: NHCC, 3031 Hackers Creek Road, Jane Lew 26378, c/o Margaret.

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