LILLY ROO VISITS PLEASANT HILL SCHOOL - With Her Creator Award-Winning Author Rachelle Wilfong


Pleasant Hill School was honored with the presence of award-winning author Rachelle Wilfong alongside her trusted kangaroo Lilly Roo, March 5th.

In the morning, Mrs. Wilfong hosted a writers' workshop for 3rd and 4th grade students during which she discussed the process of both writing and publishing children's books. Lilly Roo herself also made an appearance, dancing to music and handing out hugs to the children in attendance. The preschool classroom also received a surprise visit from Mrs. Wilfong later in the morning where she read her book "Growing up Lilly Roo" to the students.

In the afternoon, Mrs. Wilfong hosted a read aloud activity for grades kindergarten, first and second which was met with great excitement from the students. Overall, Mrs. Wilfong and Lilly Roo were delightful visitors and the children greatly enjoyed meeting them. The students and staff hope to see her again next year.

If other schools are interested in receiving a visit from Rachelle Wilfong, her email is

The type of visit you want can be customized and she will usually request a book order of a certain amount as payment. The visit is well worth the effort and you certainly won't regret a visit from Rachelle and Lilly Roo.