Judge Anita Harold Ashley held Circuit Court in Calhoun County on March 10.

Travis Moore appeared for Jury Trial. He entered a No Contest plea to Obtaining Money, Goods, and Services under False Pretenses, a misdemeanor. He will be sentenced on April 8.

Robert Scott Beckett appeared for a Review Hearing following completion of a competency evaluation. The Court found that Mr. Beckett was not competent to stand trial at this time and ordered that he be remanded to the custody of Sharpe Hospital in the hopes he could regain competency.

Brandy Jo Carpenter appeared for Sentencing. She was placed on one year supervised probation following her plea to Burglary, a Felony; Obstructing an Officer, a Misdemeanor; and Domestic Battery, a Misdemeanor. Her case will come on for Final Sentencing next March.

Fred Tanner appeared for a Status Hearing following completion of a competency evaluation related to sexual abuse charges. The Court found that Mr. Tanner is competent to stand trial and did not suffer from any mental defect at the time of the alleged incident which would affect his ability to appreciate the wrongfulness of his actions. Thus, the case was set for a Pre-Trial Hearing on April 8th and Trial on April 21st.

Judge Craig Tatterson held Circuit Court in Calhoun County on March 5.

Jacob Dodd appeared after the Court revoked his participation in Drug Court. Mr. Dodd was sentenced to one to five years in the state penitentiary for "Possession with Intent to Deliver and Delivery of a Controlled Substance," a Felony; and one to five years in the state penitentiary for "Fleeing in a Vehicle with Reckless Disregard," a Felony.

The Court ordered that those sentences be served consecutively to one another. The Court also sentenced Mr. Dodd to six months in the regional jail for “Petit Larceny,” a misdemeanor. The misdemeanor sentence shall be served concurrently to the felony sentences.

The Court suspended the execution of those sentences, placed Mr. Dodd on five years supervised probation, and allowed him to attend an in-patient rehabilitation treatment program. He was also fined $1000.00 for Fleeing from an Officer with Reckless Disregard, ordered to pay Court costs and the costs of his court-appointed attorney, and ordered to pay $2.50 per month for a community corrections fee an $2.50 per month for a supervised probation fee.

The Court also heard three juvenile cases.