By Rick Poling, Executive Director

The CCCOA has been closely monitoring information and recommendations relating to COVID-19 (coronavirus) from State and Federal agencies as well as from organizations involved in elder services and advocacy, and while much of the information has been ambiguous or contradictory, we have chosen to be proactive with cautionary measures that will not interfere with nor detract from our primary missions of providing nutrition, transportation and in-home supportive services, but that may diminish any risks associated with activities that are not essential to our provision of services.

Therefore, we are cancelling the CASH BINGO event previously scheduled for Thursday, March 12th. Otherwise, we will continue all other scheduled events and services as usual.

We certainly are not acting out of any sense of panic or worry - quite the opposite – we are simply acting to prevent any panic or worry that nonessential events may unnecessarily create. We hope all Seniors and Veterans will continue to utilize and enjoy CCCOA services and facilities as usual, knowing that we're constantly monitoring all pertinent information carefully and will continue business as usual unless situations evolve that endanger the health or welfare of our patrons.

For now, we enthusiastically endorse and stress to our employees and patrons the current primary messaging from our Federal and State health entities (found on the attached notices we've posted), and encourage everyone to stay calm and informed.

Please visit a comprehensive current resource, as more of the "unknown" regarding COVID-19 becomes known.