MEDICAL MARIJUANA BILL DIES - State Declared "Wet" For Alcohol, Medical Marijuana Trainwreck Since 2017

By Bob Weaver

The West Virginia House Rules Committee moved Saturday to pull a medical marijuana bill from the House agenda on the final day of the legislative session.

It was the fourth year that the legislature appeared to support efforts to bring medical marijuana to the Mountain State.

Legal medical marijuana has been approved in 33 states, with the sale of marijuana legal in 11 states.

At the same time, the legislature declared the entire state "wet," with Calhoun County being the only dry county left, with a number of still dry municipalities also being made wet.

The legislature, at the same time, passed a bill to allow the Christian Bible be taught in public schools in WV, apparently disallowing the nation's other religions. For Calhoun and those municipalities to remain dry, the jurisdictions would have to place the issue on a ballot.

Senate Bill 752 would have updated the state’s Medical Cannabis Act, including opening the possibility of including “dry leaf or plant” and edible forms of cannabis.

“The medical cannabis, I think will help a lot of people. I’ve got friends of mine that has epilepsy, PTSD, all kinds of things that it could help with,” Del. Ralph Ridighiero (D-Logan) said.

“It’s my understanding yesterday, that it was supposed to come to a vote yesterday. It got laid over. Today, the agreement was that it would come to a vote today. They pulled it. It’s something I think we’ll battle with, possibly until another leadership takes over.”

As a result of the move, the bill will have to wait.