The long-constructed and unopened nursing home in Elizabeth has been the contentious subject of local politicians and citizens, unsolved, with boisterous blaming.

The defiled project could be getting a solution.

Coplin Health Systems has announced it will lease its Wirt County nursing home to EWV Holdings LLC.

A news release says the new nursing home will be operated under the name Elizabeth Care Center and managed by Providence Health Management. The agreement was executed on Feb. 6.

It is anticipated more than 60 jobs will be created.

“We are excited about this partnership with Providence Health Management and look forward to the community having the nursing home that it has been patiently waiting to become a reality,” Rob Dudley, CEO of Coplin Health Systems, said.

“This has been a long process with many obstacles along the way. We truly appreciate the support and patience this community has shown while we brought this project to fruition.”

Doug Cox, CEO of Providence Health Management, is optimistic of the nursing home’s future.

“We saw a very unique opportunity when we began looking at the new nursing home in Elizabeth. The building is absolutely beautiful inside and out; and smaller, rural nursing homes are our specialty,” Cox said. “We believe this facility has great potential in this community and we are excited to be a part of that.”

Elizabeth Care Center will operate as a 36-bed facility with both private and semi-private room availability.

“The community will see a lot of movement at Elizabeth Care Center over the next several weeks and months,” Cox said. “Once furnished, we will begin the process to gain Medicaid and Medicare licensure. If all goes well, we anticipate Elizabeth Care Center to be fully operational during the third quarter of 2020.”

Providence Health has a record of achievement, Dudley said.

“We are thankful that Providence Health took an interest in our project,” he said. “In our research, Doug Cox and his team have a track record of transforming and evolving skilled nursing in smaller communities.”

Providence Health is a dedicated senior-care company, committed to clinical excellence and compassionately serving its residents, Cox said.

“We believe that Elizabeth Care Center will provide care and services that will instill confidence in the community where their family members and loved ones are receiving excellent care,” Cox said. “At Providence Health Management, we value quality care, compassion and community and look forward to serving the people of Wirt County as well as the surrounding region.”