FARM BUREAU SCIENCE LAB VISITS PHE STUDENTS - "Groundhog's Garden" And "Popcorn Capers" Introduced


The WV Farm Bureau Mobile Agriculture Education Science Lab was at Pleasant Hill School January 21-24. All students had the opportunity to conduct hands-on experiments during 30- or 60-minute sessions to learn the importance of agriculture in everyday living.

Preschool through second grade students took part in the "Groundhog's Garden" or "Popcorn Capers" lesson.

"Groundhog's Garden" introduced them to the cycle of an entire gardening year: gathering seeds in fall; storing them in winter; planting in spring; weeding and watering in summer; and harvesting crops.

"Popcorn Capers" allowed students to learn the history of popcorn, how it grows and how much is consumed. They then did a sink and float activity of different products.

Third and fourth grade students participated in a "Snack Attack" experiment where they tested several popular snack foods to see if they contained fat and were introduced to "test tubes of fat" which illustrated the amount of fat present in many foods. They also did "Corn to Plastic & Eco Foam Vs." experiments to help them better understand by-products as well as renewable and non-renewable resources.