THIS OLE HOUSE - Fading Mt. Zion

Old structures of Calhoun Villages from the 20th Century are fading

Old Stevens-Wilson house being razed at Mt. Zion

By Bob Weaver

During the last century, early on, Mt. Zion was a hub of social and commercial activity, with shakers and movers, the Gunn, Umstead and Kelly families

This ole house is being razed, long serving its purpose as an abode, in the early part of the 20th Century owned by Lora Stevens and Clyde Wilson, with dozens of families living in the small house in more recent years.

FADING - The Donald Gunn Store (left to right) Gunn house, Mabel
Rothwell Weaver McEndree post office and residence, being restored

In addition to the Gunn Store, the Umstead Store and Kelly Store, the IOOF lodgehall, Mt. Zion church and cemetery, a blacksmith shop, a barber shop and the Scott-Elliot house graced the village.