2/6/20 - It will be Monday, Feb. 10th at the earliest before public school students in Greenbrier County return to class because of the flu.

Fayette County, Preston, Marion and Lewis, among others, announced that it’s closing for illness.

More than 1,000 of Greenbrier County’s 4,800 public school students were absent from school this week.

Calhoun Schools said they are carefully monitoring the situation.

2/2/20 - Wood and Wirt county schools have seen a rise in absences due to flu and illness in recent weeks, but the season isn’t expected to peak until the end of next month.

Calhoun School nurse Trudi Anderson, RN, BSN, CSN. told Hur Herald. "We are closely monitoring the attendance rates throughout the county. We are working with the MOVHD and reporting data to them daily, as well as following recommendations that they are providing us for cleaning."

Julie Bertram, director of health services for Wood County Schools, said while the number of absences are rising in local schools, they still lag behind last year’s numbers.

Many WV School systems are seeing a rise with absenteeism, and some Kentucky schools have closed because of outbreaks, the problem has not worsened in Calhoun compared to previous years.

Carrie Brainard, public information officer for the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department, said letters were sent to all area schools urging parents to keep sick children home and to encourage handwashing and other ways to minimize transferring influenza. “The CDC isn’t expecting this to peak until the end of February,” she said. “This is a pretty normal flu season. We do have a higher number of flu cases being reported at six Wood County schools and at all three Wirt County schools.”