A report released Wednesday morning by the Amercian Lung Association gives West Virginia a failing grade on its efforts to reduce and prevent tobacco use.

The state leads the nation with nicotine addiction.

That includes e-cigarettes, as the youth vaping epidemic continues to get worse across the nation.

The “State of Tobacco Control” report is 140 pages long. It grades states and the federal government on policies proven to prevent and reduce tobacco use.

On West Virginia's page you'll find an "F" where the ALA thinks lawmakers should be doing more to help people to stop using tobacco.

The state received an "F" for funding prevention programs and a “D” in regards to smoke free workplace laws.

When it comes to state tobacco taxes, West Virginia received an "F" along with access to services.

Finally, West Virginia received an "F" in requiring buyers to be 21 or older, but it's worth noting that is now a federal law that went into effect this year.

“For the past several years, tobacco prevention has receives 0 funding from legislature,” Sarah Lawver with the ALA said. “This past year, there was a slight increase in $500,000. However, West Virginia has some of the highest rates in the nation, so that leaves this program woefully unfunded.”

Here's what the lung association wants to see from lawmakers: increase tobacco taxes and equalize the tax on other products such as e-cigarettes; more money dedicated to programs to help people quit saying an investment in prevention is important given the skyrocketing number of those vaping and for lawmakers to assist in the coverage of all "quit smoking treatments" in its Medicaid program and for state employees.

“Our state cigarette tax is 1.20 per pack, but the e-cigarette tax rate is very low,” Lawver said. “By enacting these policies, legislators have the ability to save many lives.

At one time the state received millions of dollars from a tobacco settlement, but most of that money was diverted to line items in the state budget, very little now spent on prevention.