UPDATE 1-22-2020 - Frontier’s official statement does not confirm bankruptcy.

“Frontier’s business and operations are solid and serving our customers remains our top priority. As we have said publicly, Frontier is evaluating its capital structure with an eye to reducing debt and interest expense so as to be able to better serve our customers. Our customers should expect no changes as we remain focused on providing quality communications services.”

F Frontier employs 22,000 people in 29 states across the U.S. 1-21-2020 Bob Weaver

Facing $356 million in debt payments by March 15, Frontier Communications Corp., the provider of telecom services in 29 states including West Virginia, is said to be working with creditors to structure a bankruptcy deal.

Company officials have declined to comment, but various national and business websites have reported details of a confidential meeting held last Thursday between the Connecticut based company and its creditors.

Many West Virginia communities are concerned about disrupted communications for emergency services in the Mountain State, which has become an issue for multiple communities already experiencing protracted outages.

Most rural communities in WV, like Calhoun, still rely on sub-standard internet service from Frontier.

Sources report that Bernie Han, Frontier's new chief executive officer, and other executives met with creditors and advisers Thursday. They discussed details of what's being called a pre-packaged agreement that will help the company restructure debt to remain viable.

Frontier reported in September of 2019, that it had about $16 billion in debt and has struggled as the telecommunications industry has evolved.

The website ARS Technica reported that Frontier's financial problems stem from loss of customers because of service issues.

Of troubling concern in West Virginia, cell phone service is still spotty in many rural area, including Calhoun/ In West Virginia, the delay in repairing landline/internet problems has dramatically increased over the last year, including discontinuing publishing a landline directory in rural areas.

It reported a loss of about 350,000 customers in a 12-month period ending in September, 2019, as well as drop of about 2,000 employees.

In West Virginia, Frontier has been involved in controversy over broadband expansion for years, and was accused of mismanagement of government broadband funds..