Justin Conner, left, and Zachary Adkins, right
Photo courtesy of WV Division of Natural Resources

Two West Virginia anglers scored record catches in the first two weeks of 2020.

Zachary Adkins of Cabins, WV, caught a 53.1-inch, 59-pound grass carp on Jan. 3 at Warden Lake in Hardy County. Adkins used a large swimbait to catch the record fish which broke the current length record of 50.75 inches. William Tucker still holds the record for weight with a 71.69-pound grass carp caught at Warden Lake in 2005.

Justin Conner of Culloden, WV, caught a 49.84-inch, 58.38-pound blue catfish on Jan. 11 on the Ohio River in Mason County. Comer used cut shad to catch the fish, which broke the current length record by over 2 inches! Austin Hoffman held the previous record in length for a 47.75-inch blue catfish caught in 2014 on the Ohio River. Mark Blauvelt continues to hold the record for weight with a 59.74-pound blue catfish caught on the Ohio River in 2016.

Anglers who believe they may have caught a state record fish should check the current records in the fishing regulations. Procedures for reporting a record catch also are included in the regulations at