By Bob Weaver

A former Arnoldsburg resident, Jeffery Hoskins, 26, has been incarcerated in South Central Regional Jail over bond revocation, likely related to a recent shoplifting charge at Arnoldsburg's Family Dollar.

Hoskin's was accused of shaking and choking his infant daughter in October, 2018, in Jackson County, because she wouldn't stop crying.

The 6-month-old daughter was found unconscious and not breathing by the child's mother, and was hospitalized for an extended period.

Riana Todd Nicholas, now 21 months, has died and her funeral is set for Wednesday at the Stump Funeral Home in Arnoldsburg.

At the time, a news report said "The infant is still on a ventilator at a Charleston hospital and has not regained consciousness. The child suffered a stroke in the back of her brain and hemorrhages in her retinas."

Hoskins was charged in 2018 with child abuse by parent resulting in serious injury.

Jackson County deputies, working in conjunction with the West Virginia State Police, said Hoskins admitted to shaking the baby "hard" and then holding her by the neck, choking her because "the child was crying and wouldn't stop."

Investigators said Hoskins initially tried to lie and said the infant choked while he was feeding her, leading to her being unconscious.

Hoskins has not likely been indicted on the October, 2018 charges.

Calls to the Jackson County Prosecutor and Jackson County Circuit Clerk. asking whether Hoskins had been indicted resulted in a lack of confirmation, saying the office was not allowed to comment.

Previously, Hoskins has faced domestic violence and drug-related charges.