A Water Line Meeting will be held on Saturday, January 18th. at 1:00 p.m. at the Rosedale Senior Center. This Meeting is to discuss obtaining Water Service for residents on Rosedale Road between Rosedale, WV and the Steer Creek Church of Christ on Rosedale Road.

Currently there is approximately nine miles that have no public water service. There are several roads leading off Rosedale Road, including Tanner Fork Road at Shock, Laurel Run Road, O'Brien Fork Road, and Road Run Road that have no water service.

Representatives from the Gilmer County PSD, the Sugar Creek PSD, Gilmer County Commission, Delegate Brent Boggs, and hopefully Roger Hanshaw, Speaker of the House, and a representative from the USDA will be present to answer questions and provide information regarding hookup fees, monthly payments, and requirements to begin the process of obtaining funding for the extension of this service.

Everyone interested in public water service is urged to attend this meeting. It is the intention and hope that many questions can be answered at this meeting that will help everyone make educated decisions about whether or not they wish to commit to the water service. Forms will be available on which interested landowners can indicate their desire to obtain this service.