By Bob Weaver

Don McGlothlin was a Calhoun youth who aspired to get an education in the 1930s, and sometimes walked the distance between his house on Letherbark to Glenville State College.

He was principal at Calhoun County High School during World War II, and was fired by the school board for failing to make a Jehovah Witness student salute the American flag, the US Supreme Court ruling in his favor.

McGlothlin went on to become a leading educator in Illinois, and was an author.

His high school student was David Hathaway, whose talents to learn and experiment were known to the residents of Grantsville, and certainly principal McGlothlin.

The letter he wrote to his young student is a shining example of McGlothlin's character, encouraging the youth.

Which brings to mind, beyond my parents, a few people in my life who gave me encouraging words and support. Hathaway went on to become an outstanding educator and innovator, the list of his accomplishments are long.

Both men went on to serve the country in World War II.