Fatal Quarrel Over a Cow (June 2, 1885) - On Thursday last, in Newark, Wirt county, West Virginia, a cow belonging to James P. Buffington, a farmer, broke down a panel of fence surrounding the garden of August Kilteau, and, entering the garden, destroying the growing vegetables.

Kilteau drove the cow out with a club just as the owner was passing. The two men, after bandying epithets for a few moments, engaged in a rough and tumble fight, in the course of which Buffington was repeatedly struck with the club in the hands of Kilteau.

Several men, interfered and separated the men, but Buffington drew a dirk knife and rushed at his antagonist. Kilteau struck him on the head with his club, knocking him down.

Buffington sprang to his feet again, and stabbed Kilteau seven times in various parts of the body, leaving him in a dying condition, but not before he had again clubbed Buffington, breaking four of his ribs and fracturing his skull.All this time the spectators were endeavoring to stop the fight, but their efforts were unsuccessful until the two men sank to the ground exhausted and covered in blood from head to feet.

They were taken to their homes, were both are reported to have died.

Source: The Greensboro Patriot (Greensboro, North Carolina) Tuesday, June 2,1885