Guerillas Are Active the Little Kanawha Region

Wheeling Newspaper, 1864

Old Dan Dusky, of Calhoun county, West Virginia, and seventeen other prisoners, were captured in Webster county, by a detachment of the Tenth West Virginia regiment.

Dusky is probably the most notorious guerilla character in the State. At the breaking out of the rebellion he raised a guerilla company, and took to the mountains and woods with them.

Among the number were his three sons. In 1861 he robbed the mail and Post Office in Jackson county, for which he was tried by a Union court and sent to the penitentiary.

Some time last year, through the interposition of friends, he was pardoned by the President, upon conditions that he would be a loyal citizen; but instead of that, upon being released, he took to his old habits, and afterwards became more active and vindictive than he was before.

General Kelley, no doubt, will place him where he will not do much injury for some time to come.