2019: SIERS GIVES GRAND RIDE IN HIS 1930 MODEL T FORD - Car Enthusiasts Gather For Calhoun Park Car Show


Siers 1930 Model T

By Bob Weaver

A weekend event drew a number of car show enthusiasts to Calhoun Park, part of a Civil War re-enactment weekend.

Among those attending was Mt. Zion resident Olen Siers, about 94, who brought his prized possession, a beautifully restored 1930 Model T.

Car enthusiast Donnie Pitts, who has five
antique cars, takes a spin with Siers

Siers treated some folks for a ride in his Model T.

Siers who left Calhoun for Ohio to get a job with the Ford Motor Company for 32 years, said "I never was broke again."

"That was a really great ride," says Siers

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