GOIN' UP NICUT IN A FLASH - A Few Old Homesteads Still Standing


Nicut meanders from Rt. 16 at Orma into Braxton County

By Bob Weaver

Nicut Road has a number of intersecting roads that definitely wander into the backwoods, but the valley itself stretches from Rt. 16 at Orma to the Elmira Community in Braxton County.

The farming valley was home to some of the counties early settlers, a few whose descendants still are still holding forth.

The small pastoral homeplace of the late Lucy Marks

The impressive Reip Homestead

The 125 year old Lemuel D. Stalnaker house, last
occupied by "Major" Stalnaker in 20th Century

The Ebenezer Church and cemetery

Most of the old landmark homesteads are gone, but some are still hanging on. We've previously done stories on them.

The valley runs parallel to some of the Bear Fork Wilderness, where many of the earlycomers sprung, and once the Bear Fork timbering railroad extended down Frozen to have a short run on Nicut.

Those side roads, like Crooked Run, Bear Run, Frozen Run, Euclid, Lower and Upper Big Run, and Lower Nicut are shortly removed from the wilderness that sprung them forth, bathed in beautiful green.

The abandoned Rex (Mallie) Carpenter place near the mouth of Nicut

The over 100 year old Warren Knotts house

Campbell-Smith post Civil War house near Braxton line

Beautiful Chenoweth house well-maintained in 21st Centruy