An Unspecified Green Orb Stock Photo

By Bob Weaver 2018

Mysterious, iridescent and breathtaking orbs of green light appeared out of nowhere in the Village of Hur, seen by two different witnesses 30 years apart, causing them to have extreme fear.

Their independent recollections were not known to each other until now.

The orbs, about the size of a basketball, brightly lit up the landscape, rapidly appearing, in one case loitering to dash away at a high rate of speed, noiseless.

The first sigting about 1965 was at the location of a well being drilled on the Weaver property by Carl Morris.

Ronzel Boothe (left), 73, (now deceased) lives at Russett, recalled the sighting twice in great detail.

"It really scared me bad, even to this day. I thought it was coming down to kill me," said Boothe, a tool dresser.

Boothe recalled that he and driller Lester Murphy were working the rig after midnight, he took a break on "the walk" when the light quickly appeared from the Rowels Run area.

He said it came over his head, about a hundred to hundred-fifty feet above the ground at the hilltop drilling site, to then speed away.

"It was the prettiest green you've ever seen, right close to your (Weaver) house," he said.

"I still think about it and to this day I have no idea what it was. It still brings fear."

The Weaver family moved back to the homestead in the winter of 1995-96, our house on a hilltop near the long gone Village of Hur.

My son Jon Weaver (right) was asked to write his recollection of the incident:

"I was 15 going on 16 years old, when one night I was lying on the sofa watching television, through the blind on the window a bright light caught my attention. I got up and headed toward the deck where I could get a better glimpse of this odd green light.

As I stepped out the light was about 100-150 feet up in the sky, sitting motionless, a green orb that instilled a great fear in me. As I tried to scream for my father, I couldn't get the words out.

Finally I was able to yell, "Dad!" He came quickly as I'm sure he could tell there was a panic in my voice. As he reached the door to the deck where I was standing, the very bright green orb shot over the treeline extremely fast. He himself caught a glimpse of it. It was one of the most odd and terrifying experiences I have ever had. It seemed to me that the green orb was about the size of a basketball and had an entity all its own."

The 1995-96 sighting was above these trees just off the Weaver deck, just 300 feet away from the original sighting

The 1960s sighting by Boothe was above this well location on Weaver property

My personal recollection was reacting to my son's excitement, and seeing the brilliant light illuminate the trees, to quickly disappear down the hollow behind our house.

Mysterious green (and other colored) orbs have been spotted around the world, their origins widely speculated.

In spiritual practice, green is associated with the heart and with nature. Green orbs are sometimes thought to be an indication of the presence of a human spirit.

Scientists say light orbs occur in southern climates related to swamp grass, but most reported orbs are from photographs, which often appear to be an anomaly of the photograph itself.

It has been fascinating to hear Ronald Boothe's story on his front porch, indicating it was one of the strangest things in his life, happening on the Weaver property.

Recently, we had Boothe retell his story, after which I read Jon Weaver's account, both sounding eerily familiar.

We add it to a collection of lifetime experiences for which we have no plausible explanation.

During the past 22 years, looking out the same windows at night, we rarely see anything unusual, a bear once in a while.

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