Charles Reese Horne, 63, of Spencer

Charles Reese Horne, 63, of Spencer, WV died May 23, 2018.

He was born June 29, 1954 in Bedford, VA.

Charles is survived by his wife of 40 years Patricia Ann Horne of Spencer, WV and a daughter Sebrena Ann Horne of Bedford, VA. He was a Class A building contractor in VA for over 35 years.

He was preceded in death by his brother David F. Neil and his mother Laura Illeane Puckett Neil Horne.

He is survived by his father John Lemon Horne of Bedford, VA and two brothers, John L. Horne Jr. of Roanoke, VA and Noel Jackson Neal of Ironto, VA. and a sister Sharon Priscilla Horne Ranney, of Vinton, VA.

Charles was a true craftsman. His hands created some of the most beautiful homes around Smith Mountain Lake, VA. He was loved by many. He helped so many people who were unable to have things done. He would save items from jobs and donate the material and labor to elderly people that would not normally have repairs done. He provided Christmas to dozens that would not have had a Christmas otherwise. He was a member of the Ruritans in Moneta, VA. He was foster father to over 57 children. He gave them the type of father they never would have had if not for him.

He loved his wife Patricia Horne with his whole being. They had 43 years together and would have been married for 40 years this June. Their marriage was the sort that many aim for but cannot achieve. Just a few days before his death he slowly walked out on the farm he loved; to pick her a bouquet of wild flowers. He did things like that all of the time. One time he climbed up a cliff to pick a beautiful white flower and came in the door with it behind his back He came up behind her wrapped his arms around her with the flower in one hand. Sometimes he would give her something as simple as a rock that was unusual in color or shape.

He remembered holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. There is nothing he would not have done for her happiness. To the point he bought her a farm and was remodeling it for her when he became ill. He was a rare treasure that his wife will love for the rest of her life. She was with him at the end holding his hand and letting him know his job was done and that she would be okay, and he could go home without worry for her. She was the reason he fought so hard to live.

He also had a special needs daughter that he adopted and gave all, to give her the best life he could. He kept a place in his heart for her for the thirty years that he had her in his life. He put everything he had into her so she could live a normal life and not have to depend on anyone. She adored him. She will always remember the dances with her feet on his and the bedtime stories he would read to her. There were some disappointments when she failed at things, but he always encouraged her to get up, brush herself off and try again. He was able to spend some time with her as well before he passed.

Just prior to his death he was able to spend some time with his two remaining brothers and a few close friends as well has some of his foster daughters that he loved as much as if they were his own, he got to meet their spouses and children. He was looking forward to them returning; he loved them so much and his foster son Jacob was one he cared for too and he was looking forward to meeting Jacob's family in the near future.

He was a special man that had a heart of gold and the strength of ten men. He will be missed by many.

A family gathering will be held at the Horne residence on Saturday, May 26, 2018 from 1-5 p.m.

Stump Funeral Home & Cremation, Inc., Arnoldsburg, WV is handling the final arrangements for the Horne family.

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