Blake "Huckleberry" Nichols fishing at
Richardson's "Mose Hole" just like days of yore

By Bob Weaver

In a time long ago, before tweeting, texting, Facebooking, gaming and 350 channel TV, the "Mose Hole" was a hot spot on the West Fork of the Little Kanawha River.

The Mose Hole, just above the long gone Village of Richardson, would be packed with dads and their kids fishing for bass, muskie or catfish, even smaller fish, or the whole family would be preparing to take a dip in the over-your-head water.

The spot still has a few visitors, including local boy "Huckleberry" Nichols, who fishes the river between Rocksdale and Richardson.

The "Mose Hole" name, according to legend that spans back to the 19th Century, is related to a giant, non-catchable fish named Mose.

It is a place of peace and quiet.

"Huckleberry" says he likes the woods
and river in the lower West Fork Valley