2017: TOUGH TIMES IN CLAY COUNTY - Man Arrested For Toilet Paper Theft, Covid-19 Virus No Paper To Steal

2017 - Life is tough in Clay County, years of poverty and unemployment.

Clay troopers arrested a man after they said he broke into a home and stole toilet paper.

Phillip Burnside, 46, was charged Friday with nighttime burglary, according to a criminal complaint. He is in Central Regional Jail.

Troopers said the victim was able to watch the burglary live as it was happening inside his home because of a home security system that alerted him that someone was in his living room while he was out of town.

He called his sister who lives nearby and his sister said Burnside, who is her brother's neighbor, was at the scene and helped her look around for an intruder.

Burnside was actually the man seen on the video, troopers said, and later confessed once State Police showed it to him.

Troopers said he admitted to the crime and said he took three rolls of toilet paper.