DANIELS RUN NEWS 1903 - CD Is A Hustler, The Golden Gates Opened

From The Calhoun Chronicle

March 3, 1903

Not seeing anything from these parts for some time, I thought I would send you a few of the happenings of this vicinity.

There is lots of sickness in this neighborhood.

Miss Maud Lynch is very low with consumption at this writing.

Mr. Allan Starcher, of Claria, still smiles on his best girl at this place.

Uncle Tom Craddock is very feeble this winter. We hope that he will soon be well and strong again.

If the robin brings such weather as we have had for the past week, we would rather not see them.

Effie Craddock purchased a milk cow of Bub Nutter last week.

Mr. Andy Craddock, Dare and Ballord are still at Burnsville, getting out square timber. Andy will make the boys stand around when he comes home.

Mrs. Jessie Sapp is very poorly at this writing.

C.D. Seamon is at Arnoldsburg at work on his saw mill. C.D. is a hustler.

Adam Starcher is getting wood and feed for the widows of this town.

The post office at Geho is doing a big business.

Mar. 10, 2003

A. Gunn and J.J. Booher were at Spencer last week after goods for our merchants. They report the roads in a terrible condition.

The house of T.J. Starcher caught fire one day last week, and had it not been for some men working near by the house and all its contents would have been totally destroyed, as none of the family were at the house at the time of the fire. Some bedclothing and a few other things was all that was burned.

We are sorry to report the death of Miss Maud Lynch, daughter of Wm. Lynch, which occurred February 27, with that dread disease, consumption.

She was buried in the Gibson grave yard Sunday March 1st, with a host of sorrowing friends and relatives present.

The golden gates were opened,
A gentle voice said "Come,"
And with her farewell spoken
She calmly entered home.
It was hard to part from her,
Oh, so sad to see her die;
Yet again we hope to meet her
Some sweet day by and by.

T.J. Starcher made a business trip to Gilmer county last week.

Miss Maud Booher is very low at this writing with typhoid fever. We hope for her speedy recovery.

Capt. George Gibson is confined to his bed with grippe.

J.S. Stockwell contemplates going to Pittsburg soon.

J.L. Goff is the champion trader of this town.

With best wishes for the Chronicle we will close.