DANIELS RUN NEWS 1902 - "This Place Is Getting Boyless"

From The Grantsville News

Claria Gossip

July 25, 1902

Thank you Mr. Editor, yes I will step in and see how you are. I am so glad politics haven't made you cross, otherwise I would be afraid to venture into your parlor.

Wheat thrashing is the talk of the town.

Corn is looking fine, oats good and so are some of the candidates, but their tickets are not out yet.

Dear Uncle Felix, are you meditating who you shall vote for? Why this long silence? Get your goat and tag him for this race, 9 to 1 he will win.

Allen and Levi Starcher left for Richwood.

This place is getting boyless. Do not cry girls they will all come back again.

Sunday school is progressing nicely at this place.

The sick are no better at this writing except W.M. Gibson's son, who is improving.

Miss Bertie Stockwell is very ill at this writing.

We learn C.N. Nicholson, who is painting at Richwood, got a dangerous fall, but luckily not seriously as he is at work again.

Now who is the rising farmer in this locality?

Mrs. M.J. Tanner has the first roasting ears of the season.

Who said we want new bridges? Now why not a toll bridge? Then those who use it are the right parties to pay, is that not straight honest logic Uncle Feliz?

Our Hon. Thomas Hodges was in our village last week leasing more land.

There is a true friend to the poor like Jim Fisk. He never goes back on the poor. We thank you "Uncle" Tom because you are kind and free from "mist I say politics?"

The rains did the community a great good.


From The Calhoun Chronicle


November 11, 1902

After an absence of several weeks, I will endeavor to drop you some of the happenings of our thriving town.

Our people are all happy and prosperous, and the health of the people in this community is very good, with the exception of a few cases of typhoid fever.

John L. Goff and son, are still timbering.

Guy Baily and family who have been at Richwood for some time, have made their return.

A. Gunn, the prosperous merchant of Claria, is doing a thriving business.

Wait Goff and Howard Nicholson, of Spring Creek, passed through here last week enroute to Clay county to work.

Rev. Stalnaker preached a very interesting sermon at the mouth of Daniels run last Sunday.

Tracy Goff, son of J.L.Goff, had the misfortune to get his wrist thrown out of place.

Simon Whitzel (Whytsell) is erecting himself a fine dwelling house.

The school here, under the management of Miss Bertie Nester, is progressing nicely.

Albert Nester, who has been clerking in the Dye Pharmacy at Grantsville, has returned home.

The daughter of Preston Sampson died last Sunday a week.

Uncle Sam Smith is carrying the mail from Grantsville to Arnoldsburg for J.W. Stalnaker.

Bub Nicholas who has been a Richwood, has returned home.

Ed Morgan contemplates moving his mill below the Cold Spring before long, he has bought a lot there to set his mill on.

Corn husking is the order of the day.

Miss Clara Norman, who has been visiting her brother in Clay county, has returned home.