DANIELS RUN NEWS 1902 - "Persons Who Attempt To Bring Down Others To A Low Standard, Do Not Thereby Elevate Themselves"

From The Calhoun Chronicle


June 17, 1902

Hoeing corn and killing caterpillars seems to be the order of the day.

Miss Myrtle Leach died last Wednesday a week ago. We extend sympathy to the bereaved ones.

Miss Minnie Morgan, who has been sick with consumption, is no better.

J.M. Stockwell will start to Webster county next Sunday to visit his daughter, who lives near Addison.

The Sabbath school at the new school house is a success.

Winter Starcher, of Webster Co., is visiting friends on Daniels Run.

John Crawford made a flying trip Sunday.

From the Grantsville News

June 20, 1902

Crops are growing rapidly since the rain.

Clara inhabitants are so busy just now they have little time to gather the news.

J.J. Booher is hauling timber at this writing.

Persons who attempt to bring down others to a low standard, do not thereby elevate themselves. They rather sink themselves while those they traduce are benefited rather than injured.

Mr. John Sickles is kept quite busy collecting these days. John is one of our best collectors and a first class man in every respect.

Mr. I.T. Nicholson was on our streets recently. He says this place has not the charm for him it did when the snow was deep.

Work hands are scarce these days and wages good. J.M. Morgan says he can't get them at any price. A few years ago wages were very low, so were sheep.

Mr. Elzie Baily, of Richwood, had a Gypsy to tell his fortune. She told him "there were several democrats in Congress who would rather hold on to the threads of progress and squall whoa than to own a mile square in heaven." She told the truth.

Miss Minnie Morgan is resting very well at this writing, although she is poorly yet.