DANIELS RUN NEWS 1902 - Frizzie Head And Blue Devil, Plowing For Taters

The Calhoun Chronicle


March/April, 1902

I will come again, after an absence of several weeks.

The protracted meeting at the mouth of Daniel's Run, is in full blast and meeting with success.

The school at the new school house taught by G.G. Kelley closed last week. It has had a good attendance and Mr. Kelley has pleased the patrons.

A. Gunn, our prosperous merchant, is doing a thriving business. Constable J.T. Starcher is out on business.

A. Hamrick has leased his Yellow creek farm for a good price, which seems to be the best we have heard of in the oil field.

T.J. Starcher has some fine timber ready to raft.

J.J. Booher is quite sick at this writing.

Jacob Smith, who has been at Richwood for some time, has returned home.

D.W. Goff was brought home from Richwood, sick a few days ago.

J.L. Goff and H.M. Maffett are making good headway at their tie job.

Plowing, planting "taters" and making garden is the go nowadays.

William Hathaway and wife, of Sycamore were visiting friends and relatives on Daniel's run Sunday.

John Westfall, of Arnoldsburg was in our village one day this week looking after business matters.

On last Saturday night Joe Fowlers store, at Altizer, was broken into and money and good amounting to several dollar's worth were carried away. Detectives and officers are looking up the matter.

H.S. Stockwell, who has been working at Richwood for some time was visiting parents and friends on Daniel's run last Saturday.

Madison Leach is still hammering away at the carpenter trade.

Miss Lula Gibson of Sinking Springs was visiting friends in this vicinity this week.

Yes, bridges and a little better roads are what we need.

Al Gunn is the champion horse trader of our town. Al will deal 'em.

Mr. Jack Starcher is doing a fine lot of clearing this spring.

I saw in the last issue of your paper where Frizzie Head's friend had come to fill up his space. Now, Blue Devil must have a friend as well as Frizzie Head. So arise Blue Devil, and tell us what you know.