DANIELS RUN NEWS 1901 - Felix Of Freed Wants Ridin' Goat

The Calhoun Chronicle


May 28, 1901

Constable T.J. Starcher took another law-breaker before squire G.G. Stump the other day. This makes two violators he has taken before squire Stump within the last week, both of whom were held to answer the action of the grand jury.

J.H. Booher, of this place, is doing some hauling for a Mr. Husk on Rowels run.

Miss Dora Wright who has been clerking for M.W. Hoskins, at Rilla, returned home a few days ago.

Miss Estella Starcher, our dressmaker is at Mrs. Al Hardman's, of Hardmans Bend, working at her trade.

T.J. Starcher's little boy, French, is quite sick at this writing.

Sunday school every Sunday at the Starkey school house.

The school on Daniels run being taught by Lee Gainer and Gay Stalnaker is a success.

It is a little early to talk politics, but we want to make a suggestion concerning our representative. We would like to see our old friend S.M. Ward , of Pine Creek, elected to that office. He has always been a faithful party worker, and stood firm to the cause he represents.

Al Gunn went to Spencer Tuesday after a load of goodS for this store.

Miss May Stump was the pleasant guest of her sister, Mrs. Jennie Moffit (Maffett), last week.

T.J. Starcher was on a business trip to Arnoldsburg last Tuesday.

Felix of Freed, said he was going to get him a goat to ride. As he did not say which way he was going, I would advise him if he starts this way to have his goat well shod and learn it to swim, as the roads over here all got dry last winter and went to the runs, and I'll "be darned" if they ar'nt right there yet. We hope they'll come back soon.

Mr. S.H. Nester is working a good crop of corn.

T.S. Starcher thinks he can safely contract 200 bushels of peaches from one little tree this summer.

Bud Starkey and wife were visiting friends here last Saturday and Sunday.

Well, if the roads get done drinking and have the good luck to get out of the banks, I May gather up a few more items and come again.