1901 DANIEL RUN NEWS - Hoop Factory On Daniels Run, Critique On Public Education

The Calhoun Chronicle


January 22, 1901

Stalnaker, Leach & Co. are still dealing extensively in X-ties.

We have a hoop factory on Daniels run with Camden Goff and De Nitz propritors.

J.L. Goff and wife, whose sickness we heretofore mentioned, are, we are glad to state, improving rapidly.

J.J. Starcher has been driving George Gibson's team for a few days.

Howard Price, son of Dr. Price, who has been in Barbour county for the past two months, has returned home.

We are informed that Dr. Lowe, of Arnoldsburg, is quite sick.

Hon. G. Warren Hays passed through our town a few days ago.

Ferris Barr, son of Floyd Barr, is quite sick at this writing.

Winter has at last arrived, and the people are making good use of the snow hauling wood and ties.

Our old friend W.H. Wood has been suffering for several days with rheumatism.

It will be remembered that school teachers, like all other professional men, can not suit every body. It depends primarily upon the community whether our public schools shall be what they ought to be.

With us, no "paternal" government can reach down and make the scholar greatly different from what the people desire. The people determine how much money shall be spent for schools, and through the officers whom they choose determine what pay the teacher shall receive, and what shall be the general character of the work done in schools.

Where the people are awake and intelligent in school affairs good schools will be found. Where the people have little interest, or are mistaken in their notion of what constitutes a good school, there can hardly be a good one.

It is certain that in many places the people are not as earnest as they should be, to have their children well taught, nor have they the knowledge that they ought to have as to what constitutes good teaching.

The work of the school is supplementary the work of the home. Teachers some times are held responsible for the work of the mental and moral training of the children.

This is a grand mistake. The teacher can only enter into the parents labors at best, and he should be held responsible only for the part that fairly belongs to him. There is much truth in the saying, that the teacher should be a man among men. Intelligent, earnest and active in the things that claim the attention of other good and influential men.