By Bob Weaver

For several years the Hur Herald published TODAYS QUICK QUOTE, many of them expressed by Calhoun citizens.

Here is a few that rang my bell during my lifetime, rarely heard today:

As poor as a church mouse, as thin as a rail, as fat as a pig.

As brave as a lion, as spry as a cat.

As bright as a dollar, as proud as a peacock.

As sly as a fox, as mad as a hatter, as strong as an ox.

As fair as a lily, as empty as air.

As cross as a bear, as neat as a pin.

As ugly as sin, as dead as a door nail, as white as a sheet.

As flat as a pancake, as red as a beet, as crazy as a loon.

As black as your hat, as blind as a bat.

As full as a tick, as plump as a partridge.

As clean as a whistle, as hard as flint.

As bitter as gall, as fine as a fiddle.

As clear as a bell, as dry as a bone, as deep as a well.

As light as a feather, as proud as a cock.