WHERE'S NORMA, MOMENTS AND PHOTOS ? - We Appreciate The Inquiries

We appreciate the many inquiries regarding the absence of new material under PHOTOS OF THE DAY and MOMENTS IN TIME.

Norma Knotts Shaffer, who has spent more time that you can imagine, collecting, organizing and publishing old Calhoun photographs and historical accounts, has taken time away from The Herald because of the illness of her mother, 90-year-old Hazel Knotts.

After Hazel moved from her Steer Creek farm to be with Norma in Grantsville, she broke her hip. After surgery and being on the mend, the bone in her leg broke and she recently had to return to the hospital.

Shortly before Hazel broke her leg, she managed to rise from her recliner on her broken hip and stumble a few feet across Norma's living room, landing on top of Norma, who was reclining in her chair talking on the phone.

While Hazel is not a large woman, Norma, a former nurse, considered the predicament knowing she could not push her off in fear of injuring her again. Unable to move, she called 911, explaining to the dispatcher "My mother is on top of me and I can't move," a slight variance of "I've fallen and can't get up."

Dispatcher Burl Postalwait called the Grantsville VFD and a couple firemen came to the house and removed Hazel, returning her to the recliner.

Norma's sister-in-law, the wife of Jim Knotts, has also been seriously ill in Camden-Clark Hospital in Parkersburg, having lapsed into a coma from a brain tumor.

It has been a trying time.

So, Norma, who is one of the creators of The Herald, has been "on leave" tending to her mom and sister-in-law. Our thoughts and prayers are with Norma and her family, we too are looking forward to her return.