MORE STRANGE PLACE NAMES - Joker, Pinch Gut And Big Ugly

Calhoun has had some fascinating name places, Bruin, Buffalo Lick, Hur, Pink, Rilla, Frozen, Gomez, Cremo, Joker, and Purdy.

Among strange name WV places, Dumpling, Purgatory, Bearwallow, Pinch Gut, Fishpot, Big Ugly, Tick, Polecat, Poverty, Hump Mountain, Measles, Gnatty, Booger Hole and Shirttale.

Forester Russ Richardson said he was fascinated about traveling in Roane County, "Got a kick when I left US 119 in "Speed" and drove over to "Rushville" on my way to "Stringtown" to eventually end up in "Looneyville". The road trip names make it sound like a bad drug trip!"

Joker, a Calhoun village made a nationally published book.

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