1914: TALES FROM ROANE COUNTY TIMES-RECORD - Fires, Explosions And Deaths

Tales from the April 2, 1914 Times Record, Spencer WV

Roane County Historical Society

ARREST-Deputy Sheriff Knotts arrested Perry Richardson who had a reputation for fighting for selling illegal liquor. Knotts had to batter the door down to reach Richardson who was hiding in a room with a lady friend whom he'd been courting in the Pasco Settlement of Roane County.

OBITUARY-W.H. "Hut" Short passed away last Saturday from tuberculosis of the throat. He was a much loved local businsess man and was born October 18, 1850, in Botentout, VA.

DEATH-Oliver Norman was found dead Monday, he was killed by the force of escaping gas from a gas line on the S&S Starcher Farm in Tariff. A chain was dragging behind his oxen team which caught on the gas line. When he tried to remove the chain from the line the oxen started forward which broke the line.

He was not found for sometime, it was said the flesh had been blown from his body. Norman was 48 years old and lived on Flat Bush Run near Linden not far from his place of death. It was said that he was a hard working and good citizen and his untimely death came as a great shock to his family and neighbors.

EXPLOSION-D.M. Shaver was seriously burned while attempting to light the fire in a boiler at J.A. Reynolds No.3 on Monday. Shaver was frightfully burned about the face and throat. He was removed to his boarding house where a physician was called and dressed the burns. This accident occurred at the same well which later the same day was the scene of a terrible glycerine explosion.

BURNED-C.W. Osborne who was employed on the S.I. Snodgrass No.1 for South Penn Oil, co. was painfully burned about the face and neck Monday morning while attempting to light the gas in the boiler. Mr. Osborne came to town and had his burns attended by Dr. McQuain and is getting along in nice shape now.

FIRE-Henry Mace's home near Pup Run was destroyed by fire.

FIRE-A fire of unknown origin destroyed one building and burned the top out of another in Lingerville Wednesday morning at 1 o'clock. Lingerville is that part of the city located around Tanner's Run Bridge and is mostly owned by F.L. Linger.

Jud Ellison had a small grocery store on the lower floor of the building and was in the store when the fire was first discovered, he escaped. Also present during the fire was Everett Greathouse, John Heaton and family and Harry Hall and family all who escaped without serious harm.

Transcribed by Melissa Swisher