Jenny Morris recalled one of her grandfather's sayings.

As a young child my grandfather would often encourage me to finish my evening meal by saying, "Finish your meal and we will open up a keg of nails."

I would get excited because that usually meant that as soon as I ate everything on my plate we would do something fun. I always hoped that meant a car ride and the best car ride was the one across Joker Ridge.

There were many times that he used that expression to trick me into finishing my meal and there was no car ride, said Morris.

She also recalled a few words that her grandfather would use that were different.

"Narrie" for narrow.

"Arrie" for arrow.

"Idie" for idea.

Harold Reip recalled, I always heard the word " narrie " used in conjunction with the fact that there was " narrie a piece of pie left " or " narrie a one " of some item.