HISTORIC ANNAMORIAH - Early Photos Of Community, Recollection Of Big Cats And Bear

Folk lore says Annamoriah was named after an Indian woman named Pocahontas Anna Mariah Dye, allegedly of Native American descent, once living in Marietta, Ohio.

An early map of the Calhoun area, published about 1800, had only Native American names on the region.

The area traversed by WV 5 is best known for the Annamoriah Flats, a pastoral area of meadows and fields, and the historic Annamoriah Ferry.

Annamoriah had a post office 1893-1988.


Historic photo of one-room school on Annamoriah
Creek, early 1900s (Photo courtesy Harold Richards)

Annamoriah Ferry in 1950 on Rt. 5
(Photo courtesy of Jessie Stutler)

Annamoriah Community Baseball Team in
1920s (Photo courtesy of Harold Richards)

Pipeline crew on Annamoriah Creek about
1920 (Photo courtesy of Harold Richards)

Crossing Little Kanawha on Creston
Ferry 1920s-30s (courtesy Eula Sinnett)

Dick and Dora Starcher Kellar on their Houseboat Home
at Annamoriah 1920's, left to right: Dick Kellar, Unknown,
Dora Starcher Kellar holding daughter, Sarah Kellar, Elmer
Kellar, Herb Kellar (Photo courtesy of Arlena Myer)

1914 NEWS: Annamoriah Post Office Robbed

Word was received here early Friday morning that the Annamoriah postoffice, conducted by W.R. Bell, had been broken into and robbed by unknown parties Thursday night. Only about $25 or $30 were secured by the robbers. We are informed that the stock of the general store in which the post office is located, was not bothered.

Soon after Mr. Bell discovered the robbery he telephoned to Harrisville for bloodhounds which arrived on the scene about 2 o'clock, but because Mr. Bell had swept out the building and a large crowd had gathered in the store before the arrival of the bloodhounds, the dogs were unable to get a trail.

The robbery will no doubt be investigated by the post office authorities and possibly the guilty ones will be brought to justice.

1894 NEWS: Woman Drowns at Annamoriah in 1894

Last Tuesday, a Miss Thompson and another lady got into a johnboat at the mouth of Anna Maria (Annamoriah) and started to cross the river.

It seemed that neither of them had any knowledge of the use of oars or how to manage the boat and at once began to float down stream, which so excited Miss Thompson that she lost control of herself and jumped out in the river and was drowned.

The boat drifted some distance with the other lady, finally lodging on a sand bar, where she got out and waded ashore. In due time the body of Miss Thompson was found and prepared for burial.

1902 NEWS: A Big Bear Hunt With 50 Citizens

Last Monday evening Jerome Hardman and the editor received an invitation to participate in a bear hunt at Annamoriah.

For several weeks a large bear has been making his home in the large boundries of woods near the farm of H.P. Blake, and has frightened several of the citizens of that community nearly out of their wits.

Nothing was done, however, to put an end to Bruins existence until last week, when it was discovered that he had been "working" on the farmers corn. Then Mr. Blake organized a hunt.

Last Tuesday morning more than four score and ten of the citizens of that community assembled on the hill near Mr. Blake's house, each man armed to the teeth, and commenced a thorough search for the bear.

In Mr. Blake's cornfield were signs that it has been there the night previous and there the hunt commenced. Through thickets, over precipices, into briar patches and down every stream and holler the crowd searched, but no bruin.

After a while it was discovered that the bear had gotten out of the circle formed and gone across to another hill. Hounds, of which there was an abundance, were placed on its track and the chase began.

For a long time the dogs were followed, but on account of the ground being so dry the dogs could not follow the trail, and after a long and tiresome hunt, the search was given up.

As soon as the weather is good for the business another hunt will be taken, as not until Bruin is done away with will the residents of the community rest in peace.

One lady recently met the bear face to face, and a very exciting foot race followed. Each endeavored to see how much distance could be put between them in a short time.

It was a sight to see the old fashioned, muzzle loading rifles that was cleaned up and brought from their resting places, where they had lain unused for years.

Had anyone got sight of the bear that day, another hunt would have been unnecessary.

Before long we hope to have on exhibition in our office a bear skin or paw as proof of our prowess.

1911 NEWS: Mail Carrier Tangled With Wildcat

Nat Depue of Creston, who carries the mail between that place and Grantsville had a thrilling experience with a huge wild cat or some other animal of a like nature one day last week.

He had been delayed until late in the afternoon, waiting for the mail sacks which were on the Harry W. (a riverboat). It was dark when he crossed the Annamoriah flats, and he noticed something following him which he took to be a dog, but paid little attention to it until it darted past the horse and ran up a tree that leaned over the road.

From there the cat sprang, landing on the horse's neck clawing and biting fiercely.

It hung on for a considerable distance until Nat was enabled to kick it off. The horse became frightened and ran away, but was soon checked up and the game little mail carrier got a light and went back to look for his hat and the mail sacks which he had lost.

Nattie is still carrying the mail but it is a safe bet that he will always try to get across Annamoriah flats before dark.