By Bob Weaver

During the 1800s and early 1900s most every Calhoun community had a doctor, many of them self-declared, some with brief training at a "school," with some having genuine medical degrees.

While visiting the Sand Ridge Cemetery, finding the grave marker of Dr. George W. Price, we started a search about his life.

Mostly what we found was his last will and testament, passing on his meager holdings, and details about his father's life.

Dr. Price (1853-1905) resided in the Sand Ridge-Millstone community, practicing medicine in that area and was married to Hanna Evans (1860-1930) in 1881.

Early census records show a son Howard and daughter Lizzie living in the household, with servants and boarders.

Dr. George W. Price was the son of Civil War Union soldier William P. Price (1827-1901) and Bethany Payne (1828-1902) of Barbour County, who were married in 1844.

William P. Price was made prisoner by the Confederates at Beverly, West Virginia, in 1863, and was held in Libby Prison, Richmond, until March, 1864.

He served eight years in Barbour County as Justice of the Peace, 1864-72, and was a Lieutenant Colonel of State Militia.

In 1880, William P. Price came to Calhoun, owning 500 acres of land in Lee district. His address was Arnoldsburg.

William P. and Bethany Price had eleven children:

John born in October 2, 1845, lived in Barbour County; James N., February 18, 1847; George W., December 12, 1850; William P., October 27, 1852; Mary E., May 25, 1856; these four lived in Calhoun County; Louisa I., April 27, 1857, lived in Barbour County; Lewis W., December 22, 1858, lived in Calhoun County; Jacob C., September 2, 1860, died May 3, 1872; Marshall M., March 15, 1863, died March 12, 1864; Elza E., January 24, 1866; R. Virginia, July 8, 1870, died March 25, 1871.

William P. Price's grandfather, also named William, was one of the first settlers of Preston County.


Submitted by Linda Fluharty (as recorded):

Whereas, I, George W. Price, a resident of Calhoun County, and State of West Virginia, being in my 47th year of age and while in my right or sound mind, but in poor health do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills unto my beloved wife, Hannah Price, all my property, both real and personal (except) one light bey horse named Maud and one dark bey horse named Fred, to have and to hold unto the said Hannah Price, during the time she shall remain as my widow.

And if the said Hannah Price should again remarry, then she is to release all that part of my lands of which I may die seized, except that part & parcel lying on the North side of the Turn Pike where my residence now is, on Millstone, in Lee District, of said Calhoun County, and the other lands lying on the South side of the said turn Pike and opposite my said dwelling house, at the death of the said Hannah Price, or at the time she shall cease to be my widow, then I do will and bequeath the last described real estate to my beloved children, Howard Price and Lizzie Price, to be divided among them equally.

Secondly. If the said Hannah Price should again marry, then she is to have full control of that tract of land lying upon the North side of the Turn Pike upon which my dwelling house now stands, during her life time, at which time of her death it is to revert to my above named children, Howard Price and Lizzie Price, and to be shared by them equally.

Of my personal property that was excepted from my wife Hannah Price being one light bey horse named Maud and one dark bey horse named Fred, which excepted property I will and bequeath as follows: The light bey horse is to go to my son, Howard Price as his share of the personal property of which I may die seized and the dark bey horse is to go to my daughter, Lizzie Price, as her share of the personal property of which I may die seized.

And I George W. Price do hereby appoint and constitute my wife, Hannah Price, first pay all debts that may be unsettled and outstanding against me at the time of my death, to pay all my burial expenses and all debts against me out of the personal property of which I may die possessed, except the horses which were given to my children Howard Price and Lizzie Price.

These are in no wise to be effected by my said creditors so long as other property can be found out of which said debts can be made. It is my desire when I shall died to be buried in the cemetery on Sand Ridge and near the residence of Benjamin Evans or where the said Evans now lives. In witness I hereto attach my signature and seal this 27 day of December, 1898.

Geo. W. Price (seal)

Witnessed by W. E. Powell, Arnoldsburg, W.Va., A. W. Wilson, Arnoldsburg, W.Va., this 27th day of Dec., 1898. This will was signed by the aforesaid Geo. W. Price in our presence.