CALHOUN FAIR HAS SOME TRAGEDY - Wheeling Register, Oct. 1, 1895

Wheeling Register, Oct. 1, 1895

The Calhoun County Fair was a success, despite some tragedies, the attendance being fully up to the highest expectations of the management and the exhibits among the best that we have seen this season.

Besides being liberally patronized by the best farmers of Calhoun, adjacent counties are contributing largely in exhibits of stock, and the stalls are well filled with chicest and most popular breeds of cattle, sheep, hogs and horses, all in good condition.

Among the best exhibits of cattle are nine polled Angus, entered by Swisher Brothers from Harrison county, and several fine lots of Jerseys, Short Horn Debin and Durham, enterd by M. Hardman, and a few splendid lots by the Hardman Brothers, from Roane county.

The agricultural department shows a fine display in all grains and vegetables.

The woman's department is ahead of anything we have seen in West Virginia in excellent specimens of lace, embroidery and patch-work, arranged in Floral Hall amid a bower of flowers, and displaying cultivated taste and good judgement.

The speed programme was not large, there being comparatively few entries, but the races were hotly contested, and exciting.

Johnson Yoak, son of Rev. Elias Yoak, was kicked in the breast to-day by a vicious horse and received probably fatal injuries. He is being cared for at the hospitable home of Reece Blizzard, but no hopes are entertained of his recovery.

Nipper, the valuable running horse belonging to F. N. Hayes of Gilmer county, collided with a buggy in act of crossing the race track at the Calhoun Fair and was killed. Nipper's time was 1:43.

George Davis, of Grantsville, drank three gallons of hard cider yesterday and died.