THE GHOST OF REASON KERBY - Little Billy Braveheart Learns About Collective Sin

By Bob Weaver 2019

Hur's Little Billy Braveheart has been having a hard time connecting with with the ghost of Reason Kerby (left) having gone to Salvation Holler numerous times to speak with his uncle Reason in heaven.

Billy has often turned to the ghost for what many in Hur believe to be frivolous and bogus supernatural visits with Kerby, Billy always trying to make sense about things happening on earth.

Reason, during Billy's recent visit, said he had been tied up, God had put him on a West Virginia Alignment and Reconciliation Council.

Reason said, "Even God has been overwhelmed with those politicians."

"But I thought God was all powerful and all knowing, and he didn't need any help," Billy stated.

"Well, He is, but here lately his mind has gotten a little over loaded and he asked for some help from the Lesser Saints Society, of which I'm a member," replied Reason.

"That's pretty startling, God being overloaded," said Billy.

Reason said, "Well, Billy, its become a problem for Him when he started dealing with groups, which I personally think was a bad mistake."

Reason said the Lesser Saints are people, like him, who barely got into Heaven.

"You see, over the centuries God was just concerned about individual souls, but then the sin problems shifted to groups like politicians, lobbyists, Wall Streeters, Facebokers, big banks and corporations. That's where most of the sin action is these days," said Reason.

"So it's when a bunch of people get together and do things that hurts people, we often don't think of it as a sin," Billy said.

"That's it. They sure get a big break with the people," said Reason.

"What are you in charge of Uncle Reason?" asked Billy.

"Well, because I'm an old Mountaineer, I'm in charge of sin with those Charleston politicians and on a sub-committee with that Washington Bunch. I'm really a little overwhelmed, never had to deal with Collective Sin, but here I am," he said. "And that social media bunch, they're really crazy."

"I really don't understand Collective Sin," said Billy.

"Well, for example, it's when they get their heads together and create a "Safety Bill," when in fact they really making things less safe or a bill for "Clean Water" and they make the water less safe, or a bill to improve the wages of the working poor, when it fact it makes their wages lower," Reason said.

"God's always been upset that Washington politicians have created a Tax Code that is thicker than the Holy Bible, giving tax breaks to selected groups."

"While the causes seem to be high-minded, it is generally about who can put more money in their pocket," said Reason.

"I know this is none of my business, but what does God do about that kind of stuff?, Billy asked.

Well Billy, I really can't divulge that," Reason replied.

"When I was young, growing up in the quietness of the Kerby Ridge, people could actually sit on their front porch or a rock and listen to their inner soul, and consider what was right or wrong," Reason explained.

"God liked that," he said.

"Group sin is not new, you know those Nazis killed millions of Jews, the politicians becoming adept at the spin, repeating the big lie, repeating it often and making it burn," Reason said.

"That new president in Washington seems to stretch the truth every time he opens his mouth, repeating it often and making it burn, or he uses that tweet thing.

"He's a big name caller, making everyone look like they're fakers and bums, except himself".

The Big Man is really upset over his lack of humility," Reason continued.

"And ordinary people like that," said Billy.

"Now they are even making God responsible for all the climate change. He's pretty upset about that, just like they have blamed nearly all the mining disasters as an Act of God."

"It's pretty sad God is getting tired," said Billy.

"I hope God will be understanding that I'm talking to you about all this," said Reason.

"I just hope He will remain forgiving," Billy said, as Reason's ghostly image began to slowly fade above the rock on Salvation Holler.

"We really need a lot of forgiveness," Billy thought, as Reason lifted himself back to heaven, and Billy began to walk back to the Village of Hur.