JAMES C. HAUGHT - My Uncles 3 Million Year Old Rock

By James C. Haught

My great uncle, Richard Hoskins, lived about three fourths of the way up Spring Run from Arnoldsburg.

He was one of the more interesting characters in my life. It was always a learning experience being with him.

One day I was at his house and he was carrying a stone about the size of a persons fist.

He never said anything about the rock, he just displayed it so that I could see it.

After awhile, I ask him why he was carrying the rock.

He then explained this particular rock was three million three years old.

Being a boy I was skeptical about the age of the rock. We had studied the geological epochs in science class.

I ask, "How do you know this particular rock is three million years old?"

He said there was a man from West Virginia University Department of Geology studying the rocks of Calhoun County in relation to the Burning Springs Anticline.

He was interested in gas and oil on Spring Run, his name being White. My uncle said Dr. White said that this particular rock was three million years old.