BLIND ED HALEY INDUCTED IN WV MUSIC HALL OF FAME - Fiddler Said "Don't Go Up Stinson After Dark," Frequented "Bloody Bucket"

2015 - James "Blind Ed" Edward Haley, who died in 1951, originally hailing from Hart's Creek in Logan County, has been inducted into the WV Music Hall of Fame.

Fiddler Blind Ed was a frequent visitor to Calhoun in the early part of the 20th Century, coming to play music with some of Appalachia's finest old-time music makers. Blind since the age of three, Haley traveled throughout West Virginia and Kentucky performing. He was a significant influenced on many old-time fiddlers, including Clark Kessinger and John Hartford.

The Herald has done numerous stories about the fiddler and his Calhoun connections during the rough and tumble times in the West Fork section of the county.

Haley issued an ominous warning about the rural section of the county, saying, "Don't go up Stinson after dark."

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