WEAVER'S EPISTLES FOR POLITICAL CONTROL -"Make Noise, Confusion, Conflict And Chaos With Lots Of Fear"

"Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them," - Charley Reese, Orlando Sentinel

COMMENT: Bob Weaver

For several years I have added to "Weaver's Epistles for Political Control," first heard from southern WV politicians.

"Make'em [voters] really pissed off, divide'em and keep them away from the polls, so those of us who desire divine power can always have our way. We'll show up."

"Make the voters believe there is a great battle between the left and right...so we can stick it to'em."

"Create fear and anxiety, the public will then go along."

"Wrap the flag about you and say God is on our side."

"Use time-tested Shiny Objects to detract from the real issues, so we can quietly do what we want to do."

"Make noise, confusion, conflict and chaos, so the voting [bleep] think you really care."

"Take care of the big money people [contributors], while wailing for the declining Middle Class."

"Don't touch the thousands of pages of tax code which gives breaks to special interests, the Middle Class will pay the taxes."

"Tell your base anything they want to hear, your supporters will believe it, and the rest will just be angry."

"Speak about poverty and the poorly educated only when challenged, rail frequently about the welfare state, a good target."

"Negative campaigning generally works, supported by lots of money."

"Campaign against the very decisions you've made that got us in a mess. They'll never remember."

"If citizens don't support ill-begotten wars, attack them for not supporting America's soldiers and not being patriotic."

"Support the multi-billion dollar lobbying industry as part of the democratic process. Now, the US Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people too."

"Blame the other party for pork-barreling."

"Lead people to believe every conspiracy theory, no matter that American Democracy is wobbly.

Support groups that that perfer violence to take down the wobbly.

"TV News is now delivered by pundits for entertainment and ratings=money. Entertain away."

"Forward Fake News (lies) to everybody on your Facebook and social media list. Many do not have the cognitive ability to discern reality, or don't care, and can likely tip the election."

"If all fails, weep before TV cameras, proclaim your transgressions against humankind, quote scripture, resign to spend more time with your family, and let someone else do the job."