SUNNY CAL JOURNAL - "Goin' To The Dogs," Tenants Of Love For Pets

By Bob Weaver 2015

This past winter, our long-time dog buddy, Sox passed away quietly in her dog house, joining a long line of dog buddies we've had in our lifetime.

She was taken to the meadow for burial where many other dogs, cats and even a pony have been buried. On Memorial Day, we take some flowers to the pet burial ground to remind us of their contributions to our lives.

Now, her offspring "Big Head Fred" has died.

Their passing resulted in periods of serious mourning over their loss, and in more recent years a declaration that we will never get a replacement dog, likely because we don't want to suffer the pain of their deaths.

We obtained a new mutt, a puppy that showed up at a friends house, presenting it to our grandson August during his 5th birthday party.

August immediately named the new dog Rosie.

My family bonded with Rosie, who spent the night sleeping with August and traveling to kindergarten with him the following morning.

Rosie quickly responded to training commands, and her presence is as if she was destined to be part of our lives.

One of August's favorite stories was the re-telling of my childhood dog companion Blackie, who graced my school life for 12 years, walking with me to the bus stop in the morning, and with his internal time clock returning to meet me in the evenings.

As years have past, I often spend time with our dogs, quietly speaking to their inner spirit, with an appreciation of their contribution to our lives, making us better people.

It is because of our love for animals, my wife, on a daily basis devoted time to the Animal Alert on the Hur Herald for 25 years, helping owners find their lost pets and finding homes for others.

When August was getting out of the car at school, he hugged and kissed his new found buddy goodbye, learning the tenants of love that we have for each other and our animal friends.

We will be taking some flowers to place of the graves of Sox and Fred, with high hopes they're in dog Heaven.