By Jim Haught 2014

When I was a boy there were two state policemen assigned to Calhoun County. Their names were Bowles and Clinton.

George Hays had an automobile dealership in Arnoldsburg.

Hayes sold a new car to a woman (name withheld). She started out for Grantsville on a snowy day.

Going up Millstone Hill the roads were slick and a male driver was coming down the hill.

On one of those familiar crooked turns, they hit head on, destroying both cars.

They got out of their cars and were amazed that neither were injured.

They both agreed it must have been an act of God that neither were injured.

The woman went back to her car to look around inside and found a quart jar of moonshine. She held it up and said how amazed she was that this too had not be damaged.

She removed the lid and offered the man a drink.

He was so appreciative that he drank half the quart.

He handed it back to her and said. "Here, the rest is for you."

She took the jar, screw the cap back on and said, "I'll drink mine after Bowles and Clinton arrive." James C. Haught
Hagerstown, MD