Robecca Roseellen "Becky" Johnson, 56 - Five Forks

Robecca Roseellen "Becky" Johnson, 56, of Five Forks, West Virginia, died July 21, 2014.

Becky Johnson departed this world on Monday, July 21, to join loved ones awaiting her in heaven, most especially, her daughter Amanda ("Manny").

Just as she had bid a temporary farewell to "Manny" in 2004, she has now said a temporary goodbye to her husband Mark, sons Daniel ("Boone") and Randall ("Jake"), and her precious grandbabies, Dan's son BoDale and Randall's daughter Mandy Kay and her mother, Savannah "Moochie" Church.

Becky was born December 6, 1957, the third child and first daughter of Ralph and Lois (Wilson) Cunningham, with whom she has now reunited. For now, she has left behind her younger sister Deeanna (Cunningham) Baxter and her older brothers, Ralph and Randy Cunningham; "Aunt Becky" also leaves behind Ralph's sons, Evan and Jason Cunningham, Deeanna's sons, Matthew Cunningham, Ricky and Willie Baxter, and the five little ones to whom she was "Great-Aunt Becky": Matt's brood - Case, Alissa, Logan and Braxton Cunningham-and their mom Trish, and Evan's son Owen; completing her immediate loved ones are Ralph's wife and mother of Evan and Jason, Debbie Cunningham; Dee's husband and father of Ricky and Willie, Rick Baxter; Randy's companion, Doris Farrell, and granddaughters, Sadie and Jordy; and her "other sons," Jeff Morris and Michael "Weasel" Wease.

In going to be with her daughter, parents, grandparents and other loved ones, Becky leaves her immediate family in the loving hands of an extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins from the Johnson and Cunningham and Wilson clans, many of whom were close by her side during her final days.

Becky's closest companions, Kate Nichols and Aunt Pammie Sue, helped her "get her house in order" before she had to go. When she went, quietly and peacefully, she was being watched over by an old friend she hadn't seen for some time, Kelly Dawson, and her little sister, Deeanna.

Calhoun County was always Becky's home, and she seemed to know and always had a smile for everyone there.

She had a special fondness for the gang she worked with at the DOH in Mt. Zion and delighted in bringing home stories about their shenanigans and telling how much money she had made them put in the Curse Jar.

Becky attended Beech Valley Church her whole life and loved her fellow worshipers, many of whom were also kin. Teaching Sunday school there brought her great joy. Getting her to sing a solo, on the other hand, never happened.

Becky's favorite place to be was not far from her childhood stomping grounds in Beech Valley: just a short trip up to Five Forks where she and Mark made their home. There she could cook and share meals with family and friends, work in the garden, mow the grass, read, spoil the dogs and kids and grandbabies, or just sit in the peace and quiet of early morning with her coffee and thoughts.

Whether contemplating her strong faith in God and the mysteries of this world and the next, or plotting to play a prank on a co-worker or one of her boys, Becky's mind, just like the rest of her, was never still-until now.

May the Lord bless her and keep her.

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