CREATURES ALIVE IN CALHOUN WOODS - Bear Startles Minnora Woman, Blacksnake Has Hummingbird Feast


Folks who visit Calhoun are quite aware we live in a great forest, and forests are riddled with wildlife that sometimes comes a little too close to houses.

Here we take it forgranted.

Minnora resident Lorraine Bailey experienced a couple close encounters this week.

"I opened the side door and there was a bear with his paws on the deck, looking at me," Bailey said.

"We scared each other and he ran away," she said, but not before she got some photos.

Then a cute hummingbird got into Bailey's sun porch.

"Our grandson Jake caught it and put it outside. A black snake crawled up the outside of the sun porch and onto a window sill. He was able to reach out to the hummingbirds and eat them."

"The other hummingbirds were pecking at him," she said.