COL. DEWEESE REMEMBERED IN 1969 - Recorded Early Calhoun History

One of Calhoun's most illustrious historians, Norma Knotts Shaffer, published "Recollections of a Lifetime" by Deweese, a number of years back, and all 500 books were sold.

Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/3/1969.

Col. Dewees is Well Remembered

W. Murray Smith of Clay who is interested in the reprint of the Dewees Recollections running in the Chronicle has sent along a copy of a letter from Boyd Stutler of Charleston, with a bit of information about the Colonel.

Mr. Stutler said, "I knew Col Daniel Dewees as a youngster would know an old man.  I was working on The Calhoun Chronicle when the old gent brought his manuscript in to get it printed.  The price was too high and he went to Parkersburg.  The writing was done by Aristotle Smith, king of West Fork eloquence."  Mr. Stutler also said that Col. Dewees got too close to an old muzzle loader cannon during the Civil War and his face was badly marked with powder burns.

The manuscript is dated 1904.  Much of the material concerns happenings of 50 years and more before that, when Calhoun county was first settled.  On the copy of the manuscript which is being used by The Chronicle the name is spelled "Dewees" and that is therefore the way it is used although most members of this family have since added a final "e" to the name.

The Recollections are printed as is, except for some paragraphing to make it more readable.  A good many of the sentences are overlong and rambling, but to make many corrections might change the meaning so they are left as they were.