Elizabeth (Ellsworth) Myers, 60 - Creston

Elizabeth (Ellsworth) Myers, 60, of Creston WV, died unexpectedly on March 12, 2014. She was born in Eugene Oregon February 21, 1954 a daughter of the late Albert "Bobbie" Ellsworth and Helen Ann Ellsworth.

She is survived by her dearly loved and cherished daughter, Laurrell; the love of her life, Russ Stutler; her beloved sisters, Janice Ellsworth and Marge Ellsworth (her twin) and the dear friends she cared for so much.

She was a bright light in our lives and her passing leaves a hole in the universe and in our hearts. Her life was hard. She experienced many tragedies: the death of her dear son, AJ Cooper, the deaths of three husbands and both her parents, chronic illness and so much more.

One of the hardest burdens she had to bear was the terrible pain in her back, shoulders and neck, from a progressive disability, from the surgeries to correct it, and, most recently - and, worst of all - the agonizing pain she experienced from a terrible fall.

Elizabeth was sustained by those she loved, who gave her life meaning and gave her a reason to carry on. In turn, she was a fierce and determined advocate for all who held a place in her heart; full of compassion, she could be counted on to do anything and everything for a loved one in need.

We will remember her wonderful sense of humor, her lifelong loyalty, her courage in facing the many hardships she endured and her vital, lively enjoyment and pleasure in the world around her - even through the pain - that shone through always.

We are very fortunate to have been part of Elizabeth's life and, though we miss her terribly now and will always miss her, we are relieved that her pain has ended at last and she is at peace.

A memorial service will be held at Stump Funeral Home in Grantsville, on Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 1:00 pm.